Project services I do for many clients

Site Recovery – I will recover your site if it is hacked or crashes
Site Migration – I will move your domain and site to a new hosting company.
WordPress Premium Theme Installation – I will install and configured complex
WordPress themes in your new server
E-Commerce Setup – I will installed and configured Woo-Commerce plugin to your site.
Site. Fixed buggy E-commerce site. Update plugins.
Speed Booster for your site – I will analyze your site and make the fixes to make it load faster
Third Party Scripts – I will install Social Media Plugins like Instagram, Facebook, and Google Analytics
Theme Customization – Not happy with the look and design of your site. I will tweak the site to match the design you are looking for and also make it mobile friendly.
WordPress Security – Got hacked again? I will harden your site security so you will never be attack again.
Multi-language site – Need your website in different foreign languages. I can install WPML plugin so users can view your site in many languages.


Routine Updates
We will provide routine updates of your WordPress software and plugins
Content Edits
We also provide content writing & uploads of new images to your blog or e-commerce site
Email & Phone Support
We are just a phone or skype call away if you need us for an emergency or routine questions.
Complete Backups
We backup your website database in your hosting account & send you a copy for your peace of mind.

Anything else I missedĀ  ?

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