Client Questionnaire

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Please download the PDF file here.

Before you tell me about you, let me explain a bit about how I work:

All sites will be built in WordPress which will give you content management abilities.

I’m a big believer in your participation and training. My expertise is in building a beautiful, functional site, designed for your specific needs. I will create the structure, but for the most part, I expect you to add the content. I will be there for every step and guide you, but there is no point in having a content management system if you don’t know how to login, edit and add pages. This will mean a time & training commitment on your part.
All sites will be built to be “responsive” so that they work on smaller screens well.

Tell me about your Company.
Please give me a brief overview of the company, what you do or produce?

What is the purpose of this site?
This section should include an overview of what the general purpose and goal of the web site is. Please put an X next to the ones that apply to you.
· Explain your products and services
· Bring in new clients to your business
· Provide your customers with information on a certain subject
· Deliver news or calendar of events
· Create a blog that addresses specific topics or interests
· Sell a product or products online
· Provide support for current clients

Do you have a time frame or deadline to get this site online?
(If you have a specific deadline, please state why.)

How much are you willing to spend? (If you don’t have a budget please provide a range that you are willing to invest, or more importantly how much money you want to make from the site in the first year. Please keep in mind that most custom sites for small business will run in the mid four figures.)

Target market
Who will visit this site? Describe your potential clients. Young, old, demographics etc.

Why do you believe site visitors should do business with you rather than with a competitor? What problem are you solving for them?

What action(s) should the user perform when visiting your site? Please put an X next to the ones that apply to you.
· Call you
· Fill out a contact form
· Fill out a quote form
· Sign up for your mailing list
· Search for information
· Purchase a product(s)

What are you offering? Make a list of all the sections/pages you think that you’ll need. (Samples below are just an example to get you started, please fill this out completely.)
Content Notes

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