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I can DESIGN your whole infrastructure or just MIGRATE you site to the cloud. Many of our clients have park their business sites on shared hosting which is a bad idea. Site speed matters if you want to get more customers. The solution is to switch to a cloud hosting account like Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean.

You can learn more about the different types of hosting here.
Please contact me before buying to understand your need and recommend a best scenario for your website.

Here are the features for each of my services :

Amazon Cloud Hosting

Cost of Amazon Cloud hosting varies from $20 – $60 per month
Read this article to learn more

Migration + Backup + automation Migration + Backup setup
Basic Migration
Auto scale, load balancing, VPC, security enhancements and extras.
I will migrate your site and configure AWS resources, account, billing and monitoring.
Can configure CDN and routing policies,Can add WAF
Geographic or weighted distribution
Billing Alarms

Digital Ocean Hosting

Digital Droplet Installation
Standard Droplets Starts at $ 5 a month

Security Firewall Updates
LAMP/LEMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP)
Web Server (Apache, Nginx, Httpd)
Setup multiple website with if required (Virtual Host)
PHP (Any Specific Version Required?)
MySQL/Maria DB or Percona Server for MySQL
Migrate or Install your web application
Export/Import your databases
Installation of Server Control Panel (Free or Paid ?)
Custom Changes in php.ini/MySQL (my.cnf)
Setup SSL Certificate paid or free
Set log path in virtual host to review any further websites issues

What is the cost of cloud migration ?

We charge a flat rate for blogs and small business sites. For corporate sites, please contact me via email and send me the link to your site to get accurate pricing and delivery times,
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